Procedure related

No, the competition is completely free to participate.

Anyone can participate, so long as the team has no more than 5 members. NOVA encourages multi-disciplinary teams.

Please see Rules & Regulations point no.3. Valid schemes shall not have received any other awards (honorable mention included), or have been previously published.

Judging will be based on the design scheme, so any representation methods that can best showcase the scheme will increase the chance of winning. It is up for the designer to determine the type of optional deliverables.

No, English submission will suffice.

Please register as one team if you will submit one proposal. Only one team member, serving as the project contact, needs to register the team.

Please select one person as the project contact, and enter his/her information after “Project Contact”, and enter the information of the other members of the team after “Co-applicants”.

“Project contact” refers to the team member who is the contact person of the team, please fill in his/her name.

If the project is part of a coursework being supervised by a professor/teacher, please fill in their name(s).

According to our RULES & REGULATIONS(https://nova-award.com/rules-regulations/):

Each team or individual shall only submit one entry. The same entry may not be submitted twice.

Any other questions, please write to: faq@nova-award.com

To ensure fairness, NOVA will compile all submitted questions and answers and publish them on the website. Please pay attention to website updates.